Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Re-packaging my life

Sorry about my two-week hiatus. Writing-wise I've been so busy I don't know how I'm keeping organized. (Maybe I'm not).

I received not one but two rejects for Pull My String. Would be depressing but one agent gave me such and awesome rejection that included a great critique. I'll be using her feedback to take another look at the story, so I can't really feel too bad. I also learned that Damaged Goods finalled in a second contest, Indiana Golden Opportunity. Suddenly the story of the prostitute and the killer that I thought only its mother would love is being liked by others.

Anyway, last week I finally completed my first draft of the second YA, the sequel to Pull My String, which I've renamed Minority of One. I managed to get Neil and Carl back together again. Unfortunately Neil's mom had to die. And once again if felt bad killing a character I never intended to care for.

Just when I thought I'd never make a good murderer I'm off to edit The Last Logan, a romantic suspense where I get to kill of almost the entire family. My critique partner is looking at the beginning right now. And, since November is approaching, I spent today outlining the book I want to write for NaNoWriMo - the sequel to Damaged Goods - Damaged Lives.

Oh yes, I just signed up for YARWA, the new RWA chapter for Young Adult writers.