Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Class - Man Talk starting in November

**CLASS BEGINS** Man Talk Workshop.  Presenter: B A Binns

I am giving a four week class in November, entitled Man Talk, with the nitty-gritty of making your male characters sound real.  This is designed for those of us blessed with two X chromosomes who need to write about those people who happen to be XY. I'll share what I've learned from men, teachers, and shrinks about writing male characters of every age, while researching for Pull, Being God and Minority of One

As a special note, week three includes the opportunity for class participants to get individualized critiques from me on their own writing. Come join me, it will be fun and painless and there's only a little homework.

The class is sponsored by  Outreach International Romance Writers. For more information and a syllabus, look at:
Dates: November 1-30, 2014
Deadline October 29, 2014
Fee: OIRW Member $20
Fee: Non-Member $25
Registration: Non Members
Registration: OIRW Members

MAN TALK is designed to help writers make their male  characters talk and act more believable on the page. This is meant for both beginner and Intermediate level authors.  If you’ve ever been told that your male characters (hero, villain, and even minor characters) act a little too feminine or don’t seem realistic, this class can help change that.

We begin by building a guy from the brain out and understanding the filters he uses to see his world.  The lessons include:
A review of the impact of cultural issues
How the child and adult archetypes fit in without creating stereotypes
Backstory and how to use his personal history to make readers believe that whatever he does, it is exactly what a guy like him would do. 
Verbal and non-verbal communication styles
How emotions are handled (yes, there is more than just anger), as well as friendship, fights, and love. 
When to use the male POV and when to avoid it.
And finally, how much reality readers really want.
There are outside readings and homework. So bring your guys (the ones on the pages) and we will search for solutions. Please come with a male character from a WIP or one that you are developing, along with any specific issue you want addressed.  Please bring your specific issues.

Attend, and don't be a lurker


 Week 1 Building our fictional men from the inside out

The Male Brain

 Male Archetypes

YA guest lecturer

Week 2

External influences, including culture

His backstory
M/M guest lecturer

Week 3



Feminine Markers


(Note, during week 3, critiques of short excerpts of student writing are offered)

Week 4

Friendship, fights, and love   

What are romance readers looking for in the man on the page (i.e. how real should you be)

And yes, there is homework.