Saturday, July 25, 2009

Writer's Rules

Today I'm going for something different. Not totally leaving the Logan family - in fact I just finished a scene where the real killer is finally revealed to the reader - but the characters in the story don't know that. They think their troubles are all over.


Instead, I'm going to go over the "sure-fire rules for getting your novel published" I heard at a lecture earlier this year. The other day someone on one of the loops I subscribe to brought up the people who never finish their novel, which made me remember this. Today, I accidentally came across the notes for this lecture. The serendipitous (don't you just love that word) nature of that made me decide to post them. So - If you're interested, in no particular order, here are the thirteen sure-fire steps:

  1. Start writing your book
  2. Keep writing, don't stop - something 9 out of 10 people who start don't do.
  3. Make a time commitment to your writing career. Write a realistic goal down, a written goal is easier to stick to.
  4. Finish the book you're writing. Don't worry if it's not "great."
  5. Start writing book two, while you query agents/publishers about book one.
  6. Make a financial commitment to your writing career. Join professional organizations, subscribe to journals like the Writer's Digest, Poets & Writers, The Writer, etc. Attend writer's workshops.
  7. Finish book two.
  8. Submit book two while you begin working on book three.
  9. Make a heart commitment to your writing. You cannot afford to be afraid or worry that your book won't be accepted. Be courageous, create support for yourself. Call yourself a writer.
  10. Join a writer's critique group. Get a Critique partner. Yeah Angela!!
  11. Finish book three.
  12. Start book four while submitting book three.
  13. Keep writing, submitting, repeating these steps. The difference between published and non-published is perseverance.

They said it was sure-fire. Nobody ever said it was easy.

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