Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okay, so I fancy myself a writer and I've been getting pretty serious about it. I'm going to start with a teaser from one of my books. This is the beginning of a killer of a suspense book I'm putting together.

The true test of a man is his willingness to do the dirty tasks others refuse to even think of. I learned early in life to face the hardest challenges head on – get the worst jobs over and done with early.

That’s why I did the toddler first.

Turns out murder wasn’t hard at all.

The kid did everything I told him to. He put his fat-fingered hand in mine and the second he touched me I knew I could do it. I felt the power. He came into the back room with me and climbed on the windowsill, all the while babbling about some lost tooth or something. His scream was a little grating. But he was already in the air by then and things were silent again in a second.

One down.

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