Monday, January 18, 2010

Once more into the breach

To continue;

Friday Dec 4th (actually the 3rd, but since the email was sent at 10:40 pm I didn't get it until the next day) I received notification that Pull My String had taken first place in the Golden Rose contest. AND - the final judge, and agent from Harvey Klinger, Inc, wanted to see the full.

Yes, it was exciting, but it wasn't the first time I'd had a request for a full either from a contest or query. Both PMS and DG had been requested, and I had a growing array of personalized rejection letters. All encouraging, but all claiming - "We really liked this, but..." You can fill in the blanks. Liked hero, but heroine sucked. Liked heroine but couldn't beleive the hero. Loved the story but don't think it has universal appeal. Etc. etc. So I said fine, but I didn't get my hopes up too high, the higher you go the more the fall hurts. I sent the MS to the agent Saturday morning, Dec. 5.

Monday the agent told me how much she'd been looking forward to seeing the MS. That was a first. Still, no biggee. On the same day I received a request from another agent at Elaine P. English PLLC, who had been looking at a partial and now wanted to see a full. I sent hers off via snail mail, as she wanted, and let both of them know about each other. Then settled back on other projects, fully expecting to hear nothing until the new year, it being so close to Christmas and knowing how long these things take, right?

Instead, things began popping the very next week. Dec 17, 2009, to be exact. I opened my email to find ...

To be continued.


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