Monday, December 27, 2010

Not a resolution - a challenge

Last year I did a post on what I called the Weight Gaining Lifestyle that is the life of an author.  I won't tell you how many pounds I've gained since then, but it is A LOT. So I have decided to issue a challenge to myself.  It is NOT a New Year's Resolution, because those things are just doomed to failure. They are made to be broken, hence I ceased making them a few years back. No, this is not a resolution, it's a challenge. I'm going to (gulp) post my weight and my exercise quotient. Since I've already started (remember, its not an N. Y. R.), here are my numbers from last week (OK, I only started Sunday, but Christmas Eve and Christmas were busy).

Anyway my starting stats.
  • Weight - 250 pounds. Please don't all laugh at once.
  • Exercise - an hour on the treadmill (slow speed, but still, it's the thought that counts) another hour on the exercise bike, and fifteen minutes on upper body weights. Then the lovely steam room and sauna. 
  • Oh, and I started out the day by shoveling my driveway, that counts too.
I'll keep these posts going.  And any and all words of encouragement or suggestions are welcome.

May 2011 be my thinner year.

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Carmela Martino said...

Hi Barbara,
I like your idea of giving yourself a "challenge" instead of making resolutions. I'm challenging myself to exercise more consistently in this new year, too. I've found that with both the treadmill and the cycle, I see better results if I do "interval training," where I either increase my speed or resistance for short intervals. Good luck with your challenge!