Monday, December 10, 2012

Contest Giveaway!!

You have a chance to win one of three free copies of Die Trying, my volume of short stories for adults and young adults, showing the sometimes humorous, and sometimes tragic facts of life. The stories include:

A GENUINE ORIGIONAL: See how Pull's David and Yolanda fall in love while surrounded by a nursery filled with toddlers.

BEGGAR BOY: She’s African-American from Indiana. He’s Iranian-African from Illinois. Kate Mason and Sayeed Hosseni meet in Jamaica where their lives are changed by a native boy too proud to beg and too ashamed to admit a painful past.

FATHERS AND SONS The age-old epic battle between fourteen-year-old Deondre and his father as they play the “my way or the highway” game and then wait to see who blinks.

AND IN THE END: An adult Deondre still has problems with his father, until the 2012 apocalypse approaches and his former "school buddy" helps him see the light, and show that she is more than just a friend .
WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ME? A generation gap story about a woman designated by her family to talk Grandfather into leaving the past behind and moving into assisted living. In the process she learns that the past can hold unexpected value.

ABOMINATION Life is good for sixteen year old Neill Mallory, until the day his boyfriend dumps him.  Carl’s parents have prayed over him, and neither boy wants to keep fighting people invoking the God thing and calling their relationship an abomination.

DIE TRYING Juvon was the pride of his inner-city neighborhood with only one goal, bringing home Olympic gold for his parents. Now, with the the "Terminator Cancer" attached his brain and experimental treatments failing, he makes the decision to take his future into his own hands.

There are seven more stories, plus a sneak peek at Being God, coming in 2013, a sequel to Pull.

The contest is hosted on On December 20, three lucky people will be chosen as winners to receive autographed copies.  Enter for free, just click here to visit the Goodreads contest site. and click the Enter To Win button

Good luck, and good reading.

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