Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby-killing: 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins killed by a coward with a gun

I have officially had enough.

The death of a beautiful, innocent 6-month old, over what?

There is NOTHING that justifies shooting at a man trying to change his child's diaper. Pumping at least three bullets into the father and five into the infant. If you put guns in the hands of cowards, and that is what these gangbangers are, no matter what they tell themselves, this is the result. And if you make guns easy to get, which this country has done thanks to the NRA and other gun aficionados, the cowards get all the weapons they want. And use them indiscriminately.

I suppose having a gun in his hand made the baby-killer feel like a man. Maybe he still does. Collateral damage happens, right?

I have had it. I am ready to vote for anyone and everyone who intends to change the ease with which people acquire handguns, legally and illegally. And if they impose harsher punishment for possession and use, even better.

I have always believed in civil liberties. I love the constitution. And I know our founding fathers would be hanging their heads in shame at the idea their words, intended to help the country protect itself, is used to facilitate indiscriminate murder of children, frequently by other children. It has to stop.

Please, people.

Is the love of a weapon so important that we have to make it easy to kill babies?

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