Friday, April 12, 2013

Positive Impact - Students Making a Difference

I spent this morning doing contest judging and school visiting of a different kind.

I judging the Positive Impact contest at Wheeling High School. Winners won't be announced until this evening, and I hope one of the projects I judged will be up there. I can't say who, but I thought that student did an awesome job on a project that could have a major benefit to people.

And that was what this program is all about. In addition to the regular science fair judging, they were asked to discuss how their project could have a positive impact to others, and that is a major aspect in their rating, what is the impact and how acheivable that could be. The goal is to get students ready for a lifetime of looking at their world and seeing areas that could be changed for the better, to have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.

Debra Goldfarb, from Intel
Lazaro Lopez, Principal

Spokespeople from the school and industry sponsors addressed the judges and students, stressing the importance of people being willing and able to look around them and see areas where even small changes could be improve life.
Take over the gym!!

 It was a busy day, involving an "occupy Wheeling High School theater, faculty lounge, gym and library" movement. I met new people, went back to my biochemistry roots, and enjoyed good eats. I'm only sorry I couldn't stay for everything. (We retired people have obligations on our time, while people sent by their companies get to call it a day)


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