Sunday, February 28, 2010

Future Imperfect - Next Steps

Thanks to everyone for their comments, I'm actually feeling much better about my future. Especially to my members of RCRWA. I first got the diagnosis the Thursday before the Winter Intensive, but no way was I going to let that stop me from going. I called in for the results of the biopsy as ordered, thinking it would be nothing (yes, you can still be naive at my age) and had the nurse tell me the doctor wanted me to come in to give me the results. Even I knew what it meant when they don't want to tell you over the phone. Still, I told her sorry, I'll be on a plane to Portland Friday, so they had to give it to me now.

I'm neither a Type A or detail oriented, but somehow in the past week I attended the conference, set up an appointment with not one, but two oncologists (I'm the kind who has to have things double checked) and arranged for my medical records to be sent all over the place. I met with the first guy last Wednesday, the second comes on Tuesday. Apparently I have a Grade 3 tumor behaving badly cancer. (I never knew before that some tumors actually behave well). I also never before heard a doctor use the words "Aggressive" and "It can wait" all in the space of five minutes. See, he's going out of town - probably already gone, and can't do anything until the end of March. He has this great bedside manner, the kind that could say you have six minutes to live with a grin.

Anyway, I'll see the second one tuesday. Turns out I actually know people, a friend of a friend got me in to see one of the specialists at the University of Chicago. So I may find myself on the operating table a lot sooner.

P. S. This has not stopped me writing. I may even get a memoir out of this deal.


Darcy Burke said...

Barbara, I didn't get a chance to meet you last weekend at the intensive. I'm pulling for you in the writing world and everywhere else. You are obviously an upbeat, courageous person and it's going to serve you well, as I'm sure it has already. Keep us posted. Hugs!!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Barbara -- Hooray for you getting a second opinion. I'm not a big fan of waiting on something termed aggressive, either.

I was at the writer's intensive, as well. Wish I'd met you. Like Darcy said, you got hutzpah, baby.