Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is the year that is.

I'm back on my feet again. A month out of surgery, and the doctor is so pleased at the way my scar has healed (me, I think the thing is horribly ugly, but maybe I'm too critical). I'm off pain medication, and able to function again. It's great having your rational mind back again.

Hard to believe it's only April. So much has happened. I almost hope the rest of the year moves in a more normal pace. I'm a year older, but I refuse to give my birthday or age, you'll just have to guess. I have an agent, the wonderful Andrea Somberg, who truly LOVES Pull My String (Recently renamed Pull), and she's working incredibly hard to make editors love it as well. And, as I noted in a prior post, the child of my heart, Damaged Goods, is a 2010 Golden Heart® finalist. I'm told that makes me an honored guest at the RWA® convention come July. Not only do I pick up my prize for being a winner in the Finally A Bride contest - there's a ceremony at Nationals for that presentation - I also get to bite my nails as the Golden Heart winners are announced.

It's a whole new world. I'm aching to meet the other finalists.

I'm already beginning the publicity phase. My alumni newspaper didn't want to wait for the official press release about my finalist standing, they're already publishing a story about me. And the local edition of the Tribune is interested in doing a story as well.

Me, I'm trying to relax, and keep working on my next project. Thursday I board a plane for Miami, where I'll spend two days before boarding a cruise ship. I'm attending Romance Slam Jam's 15th anniversary conference, where I'll meet hosts of author's and people I've only heard about. And maybe, get a little inspiration for a tropical setting for a future novel.

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