Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I learned about the flood yesterday. My first thoughts were for the people. I remember not too many years ago when the DesPlaines river flooded, the second "hundred year flood" we had, and basements all around me were overloaded with water. My House is on a tiny hill, not enough to notice when you're walking by, but just enough that me and my neighbors were dry while surrounding houses flooded. Thank God for a few inches.

I know what people around here went through. Saw the problem as I took the train to work and passed missing streets, car dealerships with only the tips of the car tops visible, waterlines on the sides of buildings. People having to start all over again because their possessions were gone and homes unlivable.

I feel for the people who lost homes, and possible loved ones. Those whose jobs went with the water. They have my prayers and my thoughts.

As a writer and member of RWA, that was going to have their 2010 convention at the Opryland hotel in July, I've seen loads of emails about how hard this is for people planning to attend. I understand the disappointment, and the worry about deposits and costs, possible lost opportunities to network or have face-to-face time with editors and agents. I too have lost, my airline tickets are non-refundable, and, while the airline may do something to let me reschedule, I'm not holding my breath. I also hope I'm not selfish, not when there's real loss going on down there. My first thoughts are not on the convention, or what this means to me. It's on the people in the area, who have suffered real losses, and will continue suffering in the weeks and months ahead. My prayer is not that the Opryland finish repairs in time for us, or that the RWA reschedule the convention quickly and conveniently for me. My prayer is for them. People hurt. The clerks, maids, waiters and gardeners and all the people at the hotel and surrounding areas that no longer have paychecks. And for all of us, that we learn to care about others, and not just the inconvenience to us.

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