Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday I got the first look at the cover of my new novel, PULL. My YA contemporary is coming out in October, 2010 from WestSide Books. I took a first look. Looked again. And I loved it.

I've heard horror stories of strange covers from other authors. I'm glad to say I won't have one to join with theirs. Since I write in public - I know, writers are supposed to be a lonely lot, bent over our keyboards in private, disdaining human company, my friends at the computer room gathered over my shoulder. They've been my cheering section for the past few months, and I swear they are more excited and pumped about this than I am. The vote was unanimous, that was a cover that would make any of them look twice, pick up the book and read the blurb. Which is half the battle.

It's feeling more real every day. A title, revisions, a cover - pretty soon there will be an actual book in my local bookstore and I'll stand in the aisle watching people pick it up.

As Usher says - OMG!!

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