Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's wrong with bookstores

I h ave a friend who wanted to buy my book. She doesn't like Internet shopping, so don't tell her about Amazon or other online venues - yes, such people still exist. I sent her to the local Barnes and Noble. The didn't have the book in stock and told her to go to the Internet and order it herself.  She went to a second store and got the same answer, no we don't have it, no we won't order it, do it yourself.

In the end I sold her one of my copies, because she wanted the book and I wasn't going to let a fan down. She's an old-fashioned type doesn't purchase online - such people do still exist in droves. She was willing to drive to not one but two different stores to make the purchase, and both stores failed her.

Is it me, or is something wrong with the world? I just can't understand why a brick and mortar Barnes & Noble didn't want to make the sale themselves. Has the world of book selling changed that much?

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Genrefluent said...

Very sad. I do know several people who won't buy online and that is ok. It just doesn't make sense that the brick and mortar stores won't special order for them. I'm very worried not just about book stores but about publishers, too. I was signing at two conferences this month where the book stores servicing the conference couldn't get my books from the publisher. I had to take them with me. In 20 years of being published, I've never had so little support. Now I know why some folks self pub.