Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where are those New Adult books?

I hear people saying they are interested in reading books about the 18-20 somethings, set in life after high school.  Here are a few I've found dealing with romance, mystery and adventure int he world of college, the workplace and beyond involving older teens.

KindredKindred by Tammar Stein The heroine starts in college, then leaves during her freshman year after a visit from an archangel (who is not the love interest, this isn't that kind of paranormal romance) and begins working for a newspaper in a small town. It deals with college, independence and seperation from parents. She finds a love interest in the form of the owner of the local tattoo parlor who displays his craft on his body. She also deals with health issues that she attributes to failing the mission handed to her by the archangel, and a conflict that puts her in direct oposition with her twin brother (a student at another college) who has been visited by the devil.

Spring BreakSpring Break by Kayla Perrin- This is a suspence story about three co-eds who head off to an island paradise for a spring break filled with sun, drinks, sand, boys and more boys. Until one disappears and all those boys morph into suspects. Technically they are not at college, but this does deal with college-aged kids and is good solid suspence.

We'll Never Tell - (by the same author as Spring Break) This is set on campus, as a prank leaves one girl dead and the survivors swear to remain silent to hide their guilt and feelings of responsibility.  Life in college is raw and frigtening as the killer works to evade discovery by any means necessary.

Vicious Little DarlingsVicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer  Maybe college works better with mystery/suspence. This book deals with the heroine forced to go to an all-girl's school, her grandmother's alma mater, after an incident with a boy. She teams up with two other girls from a wealthy background and the three freshman move from the dorm into a private house off campus. A major mistake, because as their lives become embroiled we realize that at least one of the three is insane, one is suicidal, one determined to survive no matter who she has to kill to do so, and one ready to do anything to win the love of one of the others.  The question facing the reader right up to the last pages is which girl is which, and who, if anyone, will survive the insanity.

Zero Point: Bond (Volume 1)Zero Point: Bond by Jordan BecketThis one not only puts the heroine in college, it also gives her the kind of family problems that go along with this time in a New Adult's life.  It also gives an 18-year old a soulmate who happens to be 218. This paranormal romance features a college freshman who bonds with a mysterious crystal that gives her superpowers to help save the world from those who want to use the crystals for their own ends, while she tends her absent-minded professor mother and makes plans to ressurect the father who died when she was three.

The Adventures of GuyThe Adventures of Guy by Norm Cowie  I haven't read this one, but I've heard that, while it was originally written for and published as an adult book, the cover led YA readers to it in droves. This is about a bunch of college boys, Guy and his roommates. 

So, books involving the 18 and up protagonist, set in life after high school, do exist. As I mentioned in an earlier post, apparently college is a dangerous place, and serve as fodder for mystery and suspence.

Do you have any to suggest?

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Sarah Raplee said...

Hi BA,

I read We'll Never Tell a few years back and enjoyed the fact that it was set in college. After the 2008 RWA Nat. Conference, I was able to donate the leftover giveaway copies to a high school in recently-flooded Cedar rapids, Iowa, where they were very well-received.

There's a series about a twenty-something woman from a dysfunctional family of detectives that is hilarious, poignant, and true - when I remember the title and author I'll comment again.

thanks for covering this little-known genre or niche or whatever!