Monday, June 11, 2012

School/Author Partnership

Teachers and librarians - never be afraid to talk to an author.

Thanks to a chance meeting at an event in the Book Stall, an indie book seller located in Winnetka, Ill (Unsolicited plug here, I really liked that place and the outreach they have to readers. If you're ever in the area stop by and take a look) a middle school humanities teacher and I joined forces.  She wanted to jazz up her summer reading program for students entering 8th grade. I wanted to do outreach for  students.

The result was a major match.

I grabbed a bunch of local YA authors who are willing to donate a copy of their book. Then I gave a pep talk to her classes. Students signed contracts to participate, saying they would read at least two books, write reviews and letters to the author. In return they will have their reviews published on this blog, and mirrored on some of the other participating author's blogs. That means they can have their work read by their friends!!  Readers also have the opportunity to become pen pals with a local author. Where appropriate, those reviews will be forwarded to the book's publishers.

Last but not least, I'll host an end of the summer program pizza party for all the students and participating authors. We hope for a nice meet and great, a chance to get books autographed, and to kick-off continued participation with the school and students during the school year.

Our first review will be posted tomorrow. Come and take a look, comment, and cheer the young reviewers on.  Added incentives for the kids include prizes for the number of page views and comments, so if you like a student's work, let them know.

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