Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teen Reviewer Taylor reviewing Open Minds

Kira Moore, a high schooler, is a loser. Not a reader in the telepathic world like everyone else. She has not gone through the change from zero to reader, that usually happens in junior high or early high school. She later finds out she can jack minds, controlling readers and other jackers. She has a unique set of jacking abilities which carries her deeper into secret clans and danger.

I absolutely adore this book! The characters were very believable for the situation, and also very relatable. I felt like I was with Kira throughout the entire book. I felt what she felt. Because of this, I could not stop reading.

I loved the idea of mind reading for a book! Quinn added enough information about mind reading so you could completely understand the story, but you still had questions about our future. In the future, could we read minds? Would the government try to stop jackers and actually experiment on them?

Most heroes are known for their strength like the Hulk, or their ability to fly like Iron Man, or both like Superman. I feel like this book if more like it come, would bring a superhero known for their mind, not strength. I thought of this new type of superhero because Quinn describes the fighting in one’s mind, like wrestling. Kira was like the strongest wrestler who always won.


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Taylor - Thanks so much for the lovely review! :)

Harley Brooks said...

Taylor, what a great review. I especially liked how you related the characters to superheroes, and raised the question on the possibility of government intervention in our lives in the future. I write dystopian, so it's fun to see your perception. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this book . . . sounds like an intriguing premise:)