Monday, July 2, 2012

BOOK Review - Infinity

Infinity (Numbers, #3)Infinity by Rachel Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Every good thing must end. This, the third book of the Number trilogy has a good ending, but it's not the difinitive ending I had been longing for. Trilogies often have a weak point. Frequently its the middle book. In this case, number 2, The Chaos, was the best in the set. Number three, Infinity is good, but not as good.

Infinity, like The Chaos, is told using alternating points ov view between teens Adam and Sarah. But the standout character is Sarah's two-year-old daughter, Mia. Mia is Sarah's daughter, but not Adam's although he has assumed the role of father and people think she is his. Mia demonstrated the ability to exchange numbers with someone else in The Chaos. The action takes place in England two years after Adam tried to warn the world about the coming disaster, The Chaos. Now Adam, a 17-year-old black male, Sarah, her daughter Mia, and Sarah's two younger brothers are living on the run in a country that has gone back to a primitive level of existance after the disaster. He's on the run, his scars make him too easily recognizable. And what's left of the government want him, badly. He's cursed with the ability to see the date people die by looking in their eyes. Worse, he feels the manner of their deaths.

Sarah is tired of running. She's pregnant with Adam's child and she wants to believe they can join other survivors and be safe. All that changes when Saul finds them. He's a government agent with his own reasons for wanting Adam's child.  His number shows that he's due to die in days, its the worst death that Adam has ever encountered.  Turns out Saul knows his own death date. But, like Mia, he knows how to switch dates with others.  He plans to switch with a child who can give him the ability to see someone else's number. Adam's child.

Frankly, as a stand alone book it might have earned a four or five. By itself this is a good, worthy story that I would recommend to friends. I loved the characters, even Saul, the villain, and the action and tension were great. The ending is satisfactory. More than that, it has a happily ever after flavor. It just didn't leave the same emotional hit as the other two did. But it didn't have the same level of tension as Numbers or The Chaos, and I kept wanting more of Mia.

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