Sunday, January 13, 2013

Man Talk Class for Writers

I belong to the group of authors who happen to have two X chromosomes. I am also a researcher at heart, so when I decided to write, especially from the male POV, I began by doing research on the subject of men. Yes, I had a legitimate excuse to stalk males!!

The result was Pull (2010 from Westside books), with Die Trying (2012 from Allthecolorsoflove press)  and now Being God (coming Feb 1, 2013 from Allthecolorsoflove press). And the Man Talk class.

I have given this class in 2011 and 2012, and have presented it as an abbreviated hour-long workshop at the 2012 Chicago North Spring Fling conference.  In Feb 2013, I will again present the full class, sponsored by the Colorado Romance Writers.

The class is four weeks long, with two lessons each week and begins Feb 4.

Week 1 - The male Brain
              Male Archetypes
Week 2 - External influences, including culture
Week 3 - Things that make him appear feminine
(Note, during week 3, critiques of short excerpts student writing are offered)
Week 4 - Friendship, fights, and love
              How real should you be

Note, the class includes special guest lectures, one from a YA author and one from a M/M erotic romance author.

Click here for more information on the class, the author (Me) and to register.

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