Thursday, January 31, 2013

Release Day!!!

It's here. I can't believe it, but the wait is over. Being God is available on  TGIF, because tonight I go an party in a way my poor 17-year-old character can't. Or at least, he's not supposed to, because Malik Kaplan knows how to party.

I stop in the men’s room, pull off my glasses, and stare into the mirror. I’m not Horst the rapper. I don’t look like him. I barely look like myself. In the strained light of the single bulb hanging from the ceiling, my face is distorted. Usually, I feel exposed without my glasses, but the girl was right. I was a fool to wear them tonight. The glasses go in my pocket; this place is my disguise.

“Let the fun begin,” I mutter, and head for the dance floor. Give me a few drinks and I won’t care about either of those girls.

Being God, copyright© 2013 by B. A. Binns

Teen reviews for Being God (feedback from Chicago High School students based on reading advance reader copies)

Job, age 17 - I want to start off by saying that your your character depictions for "Being God" were exact. I love the relationships Malik and Cesar had, although they were not related or from the same background. I really liked how you incorporate the family issues Malik was faced with. As teenagers, a problem we face is probably getting along with our parents, and witnessing all the issues Malik had with his dad gave me a sense of knowing that I wasn't the only who sometimes hates his father.

Overall, "Being God" was a great book, highlighting an African American boy's journey of living above the influence.

Louis, age 17 - The book BEING GOD was really good! I was able to relate to what the main character was going through. This book shows that there is always a way out of trouble, and also how the decisions we make can affect us in the long run. I loved it.

 You can love it too.

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