Friday, February 1, 2013

Diversity and multiculural collections

Today I put together the speech I will be giving at the 2013 Virginia Hamilton convention in April. I will be covering ways parents, librarians, schools and concerned citizens can enhance collections to make them more diverse, and why that is a good things. Just for fun, I popped my speech into a neat tool called WORDLE, and out popped this picture:

I am obviously talking a lot about books, singular, plural, even capitalized, they are at the heart of my talk. And authors, libraries, bookstores, the world, and why it is important that we develop well-rounded readers.  Yes, I will also be discussing eBooks, audio books, graphic novels and other collection items, but at heart I am still old-fashioned enough to want a book in my hand, and hope people will continue to enjoy that tactile pleasure for a long time.

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