Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry, but after the BIAW week I took a short rest that became just a little longer. By the end of the week I had a complete plot, about 110 pages and 22,000 words and I just needed some time to myself. Not too long, though, because now I'm editing and adding story. My first writing class gave me a distinct difference between Plot and Story, and I've found that helpful. I am a plotter, so my first tun through is to get the plot points. My second run, or first big edit, adds in Story, the emotional context. Then I take another run to add in setting, and finally I'm into pure editing, which frequently means cutting. I have finally learned that less can mean more.

Right now I have a deadline - Tomorrow I have to have a short story for my column in in the Arlington Almanac, a local magazine I've been writing for during the last year and a half. It's quarterly for God's sake, so you'd think I could come up with one story every three months. But no, I'm feeling dead in the water. So today and tomorrow is dedicated to making that story happen.

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