Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review - The Legacy

The LegacyThe Legacy by Gemma Malley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First I admit I never read the first two books in the series, but I found it hard to accept the characters as real and as young adults. The premise is good, in a world where people never age there is little or no room for children. And the man who owns the anti-aging formula, Richard Pincent, becomes almost godlike. So when people start dying from a mysterious illness and he blames the resistance for it, even long-time supporters drop away, leaving the resistance movement in trouble. As illegal "surplus" children are being rounded up, and the leadership of the resistance is captured, two young men, half-brothers and Pincet's grandchildren, continue their efforts to free the world from his dominion.

It's a great idea, but the execution of the book is sometimes stodgy and slow, and the wealth of minor characters that appear for a few pages and then disappear were confusing. I also wanted more of the relationship between the two brothers, one of whom was raised in luxury as Pincet's legitimat heir, the other raised as an unwanted Surplus. While I understand that much of their relationshop weas hashed out in earlier books, I still felt something missing here when they met.

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