Monday, February 28, 2011

Boy Book Review - FLIP

FlipFlip by Martyn Bedford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You wake up one morning in the wrong bedroom, in the wrong house, being greated by the wrong family using the wrong name. Add in a stranger staring at you from the mirror and six unaccounted for months and you have the first few pages of FLIP. Fourteen-year-old Alex awakens to find himself inside Philip (Flip) and no way to convince people that he is who he knows he is. Flip is everything Alex is not, healthy (Alex has asthma), athletic, good looking and popular. But Alex is desperate to return to his own life and the book tells his determination to find out what happened to him and to reconnect with his past, a determination that is only fueled by the discovery that his real body is in a persistant vegitative state and doctors are considering turning off life support.

Add in the setting, England, and this became an adventure in learning a new culture for me, as well as being a story about identity and family. It's about how much of us is body and how much soul. It's about what it means to want to live so much that Alex is willing to sacrifice Flip to save himself--or is he?
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