Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Usually I try to put out a piece on the craft of writing for the middle of the week. Sorry folks, two feet of snow took too much out of me. It wasn't just the drive home Tuesday afternoon - I left work at 3:00 PM when the boss said run for it. And not just the stories of drivers stranded for hours on Lake Shore Drive literally fearing for their lives, or people actually complaining that the blizzard was all the city's fault and the wondering why the government didn't do something to fix the problems (I will have to write that into a story someday.)

A day and a half spent shoveling a tunnel so I could exit my house did something fierce to my writing skills. My craft comment for this week lies buried under a mound of white. Come summer when the glacier retreats I'll retrieve it, I promise.

P. S. My appearances at the Chicago Principal's conference has been postponed, the principals have to be at their posts on Friday.  That's actually a good thing for me, because I was double booked Friday and would have spent hours shuffling between the suburbs and Chicago and then back again.  Guess even city closing blizzards can have a silver lining.

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