Monday, March 28, 2011

Boy Book Review - Lockdown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reese Anderson is locked in juvie, and just wants to get by. They call the place Progress, but neither the officials nor the inmates seem concerned with making any. Reese is part of a pilot work-release program that allows inmates to do public service, he works in a home for the elderly. For him it’s a few hours away from the joint, worth even the handcuffs and humiliating body searches he has to put up with every time he returns. Inside Progress the word fair does not exist. When Reese witnesses officials turn their backs when one of the older boys decides to beat on a 12-year-old, a sense of morality he doesn’t know he owns prompts him to intervene. As he expects he is punished and almost loses his right to continue in the work-release program. But this and other incidents teach him things about himself. Things that enable him to hang on when the police come after him for a current death with roots back to his two-year-old arrest and that could earn him twenty-years in the big house unless he confesses. This is a story about a boy who has everything against him, somehow manages to persevere.

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