Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can't Run Without You

In my so-called spare time I volunteer with the Senior Center in the village of Arlington Heights. Today they held their annual Volunteer Appreciation day luncheon. This local author who does a lot of her writing at the center in-between bouts of volunteering for the Library branch situated in the building, was invited to sit up front with the dignitaries. I autographed copies of PULL for Mayor Arlene Mulder, Senior Citizen Commission member Maureen Seleski, and the Village Manager, Bill Dixon.  The Mayor wanted to know how much of the book was true, and we discussed the impact of domestic violence on young people and how the hero, David, deals with the loss of his parents and his own feelings of guilt.

Village of Arlington Heights Mayor Mulder, PULL and author B. A. Binns
Lunch involved three types of pasta, all good and no one grumbled about the absence of corned beef and cabbage. The theme of the event was Can't  Run Without You! Former Senor Center Volunteer Coordinator Becky Hume, a personal friend who recently took the position of Village Clerk, reminded us how much we give to the community.

Becky Hume
She and Mayor Mulder presented awards to many volunteers who have put in long hours over the years, some as much as 6,000. I don't have nearly that many, but I and several other members of the Library staff got together after the event for a final shot.

Yes, there's that pesky book stealing a spot in the picture. PULL just seems to turn up wherever I go.
(P. S. The lady with the rose is MaryJo Lepo, my boss)

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