Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Adult classification for books

This idea has knocked around for a few years now, a seperate classification for books aimed at the 18-20 something reader.   Many YA authors would like to move beyond high school and set their stories with protagonists in college, or just entering the work force - or still living in Mom and Dad's basement after HS graduation. I have heard people say they are dying to read this kind of book. Others who say they already live this life and would never read about it.

18 to the eqarly twenties. These are the years when we finally hit the independency we dream of as teens - or do we secretly dread it? Are we flush with freedom, or do we whine and complain and take laundry home to mom?

Is this age a time that deserves to be importalized in book form?  This inquiring mind would like to know your thoughts.

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