Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

OK, I'm starting the long 50K word trek tomorrow - actually staying up late tonight, so I'll do my first words in less than four hours. I've managed to eek out a win for the last four years (and even sold my second NaNo novel, PULL, to WestSide books.)  But this year, I don't have an outline or a plot.

For a confirmed plotter like me, that's a major disaster.

For the last week my email has been filled with volumes of pep-talks. Over the yearsI've joined the forums for many different areas. Not just my base - Chicago, but also places like Wisconsin, Anchorage - Alaska, that is, New York City, DC, Mexico, Canada, and even France - parle vous Francais? I wish I could have been at  l'Espace Culturel de la Ferme du Plateau for the Paris kickoff.  I'm even on the list for New Jersey. Yes, they are still going to do NaNo and meet through virtual chatrooms because they are a strong, kick-butt region.  If they can do it, certainly I can.

So with all the kick-off pep talks in my in basket, I just have to write.  And find a protagonist, antagonist, plot, setting, etc. No excuses, not even the conferences I am attending this November. (Gulp)

Wish me luck come midnight Central Time.

And if you are doing NaNo too, I am b-writer. Feel free to be my friend and give me a kick in the rear if my word count drops.

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