Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review - Zero Point: Bond

Zero Point: Bond (Volume 1)Zero Point: Bond by Jordan Becket

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the last hundred pages of this book. This is one of the "New Adult" books, the seventeen year old heroine begins in her first year at college in New Mexico and becomes part of a secret organization working to keep the world from self-destruction. It is a Sci Fi sorty that includes the use of crystals to convey powers to those humans genetically capable of bonding with them. The crystals come in a variety of sizes and colors - with red conveying vampirism on those bonded to it, all the way up through green that conveys healing. And then there are the black crystals, the one our heroine ends up being bonded with. So few humans have ever bonded with Black crystals that only the arch-villain really knows the power that color conveys.

The end of this book is well paced, with a wonderful hero to go with the heroine, and a quest to save her father who died in Peru when she was three after discovering a large cache of the crystals. It involves time-travel, a power-hungry villain creating designer diseases so he can make money curing them, and a 218 year-old handsome, Latin and wealthy hero (who happens to be engaged to another women)

The problem is the first hundred pages. The move ponderously, laying on so much backstory it was difficult to continue turning pages. We learned about the heroine and her hystory as the child of geologists and her mother moving across the country from job to job with her daughter being as much caretaker to the absent-minded professor as child. There was also an attempt to build a love triangle that for me failed. The writing felt uneven, and I had to fight to keep from putting the book down. I would have loved it more had the book started in the middle and moved forward from there.

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