Friday, April 29, 2011

Here Come the Genre-istas!!!

Look Out! Look Out!! Here Come the Genre-istas!!!

May 1st marks the launch of Romancing the Genres group blog. Come check us out! as each of our twenty-one Genre-istas from nine states introduces herself (no men yet).

Our monthly May topic: what our sub-genre is, how you can tell it apart from another sub-genre, and why we love to write it. Each day (Monday through Friday) you can read a new post from a different Genre-ista talking about her take on a different romance sub-genre. May’s guest bloggers (Saturday) will be Reviewers.


Comment on one or more of our Introduction posts and be eligible to win a “basket” of twenty-one prizes from the Genre-istas.  - NOTE: A free spot in my May 5 Man Talk Class - learning to make your male characters more beleivable, is one of the prizes, just for coming and commenting.

Check out our guest reviewers and be eligible to win a prize. Our May 7th Reviewer is Night Owl Reviews so the prize will have something to do with owls.

Follow us through the month of May and be eligible to win a basket filled with books, candy, jewelry, and much, much more.


If you’d like a great place to promote yourself and get additional visibility consider donating to Romancing the Genres May Basket (drawing on 06/01/2011). Remember RTG is made up of 21 writers from 9 states with 20 FB pages, 9 Twitter and 7 LinkedIn accounts, and 21 additional blogs. If you’re interested or have questions, please contact Judith Ashley at for details.

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