Monday, January 3, 2011

Not a Resolution - week 2

Here's my first keep myself honest post. Since last Monday I have visited the gym every day except Thursday and Sunday. The real test comes this week, when all the resolution people crowd in and take up the parking spaces around the gym and the class slots.  My weight - gulp - no change. I suppose it's too much to expect a dip after only one week, but still, I hoped for something.

I'm still writing, I've done thirty pages of edits in the last week, I'm determined to finish my next YA, tentatively called BAMF (I really need a new title, but the teens I've spoken to about it seem to love it as is - and so do I) The hero is Malik Kaplan, the really bad bad boy from PULL. I need to explain him and make him see the error of his ways.  BTW - I woke up Sunday and realized something about my main character - his recently deceased older brother tried to kill him.  That explains a lot about why Malik is the way he is.

Like I said, my continued writing and my trips to the gym are my challenges to myself, and have nothing to do with any all-too-breakable New Years resolutions.

How are you guys doing? Anyone want to share?

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