Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traffic School

I decided to kill the proverbial two birds with this post. I belong to a writing group that puts out regular writing prompts and for February the prompt is ... traffic problems. For me, that means writing about my day in traffic court.

Let me admit that I did break a rule. And everthing the instructor said during the four hours of traffic school was good information. But does it change anything for me? No.

The instructor was shocked to find that less than half of us were there for speeding.  While one woman did use a cell phone in a construction zone, most of us were ther providing the state with additional revenue for more minor offenses. Mine involved a bonehead mistake, I tried cutting through a vacant lot to get around the "traffic control device."

I already classify as one of the old, fuddy duddy drivers. Maybe five miles over the posted speed limit, but ten - no. And when someone tailgates me, I slow down, I get nervous seeing those cars too close to me rear. But I sat through the lectures and videos, discussed the scenarios with the other unfortunates present, took my certificate and left.

Actually, it ended up being a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. I even picked up some personalities and tidbits of information I'll use in my writing. Best of all, we started exactly on time, took frequent breaks and the instructor sped through the last section to make sure she gout out early.

What more can one ask?

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