Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Logan - Hero

As promised, my Hero
Hero - Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan, the ignored younger son of one of the most powerful families in Chicago, is a talented artist who dreams of bringing beauty into the world. Beverly helps him believe that his dreams are worthwhile. He respects Beverly’s skittish nature and her reluctance for sex, until the night his brother, William, dares him to seduce her. Unknown to Kyle, William and his friends witness and videotape the act, then jeer and demand a turn with her. To head them off, Kyle lies and tells his brother that Beverly wasn’t worth the effort. In truth he feels she is worth anything, and he risks the wrath of a brother he knows associates with violent criminals by stealing and destroying the tapes the group made. William threatens Beverly to punish Kyle. Their father, Mitchell Logan, agrees to restrain his older son if Kyle accepts exile that ends with Kyle being framed and sentenced to prison in Texas in place of one of William's criminal friends. Kyle has not been able to paint, or believe in anything since that night. Recently released, Kyle returns for William's funeral and the hope of saying a final goodbye to the girl he was ready to sacrifice anything for.

Tomorrow - My villain.

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