Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Last Logan - my Villain

And now the villain, Dr. Gary Newman Gary is Kyle’s cousin. After his parents’ deaths he is raised in his uncle’s house and grows up thinking of himself as a Logan. He’s enraged to learn his uncle’s will shortchanges him because the old man wants his 'blood' to inherit. Unless the other heirs die first. Using his skills as a physician to make the deaths look like accidents or suicides he starts eliminating the competition. He kills two of his uncle’s sons, an infant and William. His uncle’s imminent death means he has to work fast. If all the heirs predecease his uncle he gets the jackpot. His hit list includes his uncle’s mistress who is carrying his unborn son, his uncle's illegitimate daughter - and Toni, Beverly’s daughter and Mitchell’s granddaughter. So now you have the background of the major characters. The story is all about Gary eliminating the competition as undetected as possible, and Kyle and Beverly trying to keep Toni alive until they uncover the killer.

Did you notice, Kyle, his uncle's younger son, is not on the hit list? Not that Gary isn't trying to make Kyle's life miserable, but Kyle is not a direct target.

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Michele said...

Barbara Binns is an inspired writer . . . Ms. Binns writings are filled with interesting and unique characters as well as twists and turns in her plots . . . Great fun to read! Michele Ann Olsen