Friday, July 10, 2009

RWA Nationals or Why I'm not there this year

Here's my top ten - or maybe bottom ten, who knows, reasons why I'm not going to DC for the RWA Nationals in 2009.

10 - I don't want people to see how crappy I am at networking. (Which is almost a pity because I have some email acquaintances this year who might even know my name and network with me.)

9 - The lines for book signings are just too darn long.

8 - I got so many books last year I'm still trying to read through them. The box is cluttering the middle of my den, there's no space for more.

7 - Too many sessions - and all the good ones are at the same time.

6 - I'm exhausted just thinking about the conference.

5 - I've been all over D.C. already, lived there years ago.

4 - I've got deadlines this month.

3 - I so hate flying. And hotels. And traffic jams.

2 - I'm lazy.

1 - I'd rather be writing. (Bet you thought I was going to mention the cost!)

Really, this year I chose to attend a number of regional conferences. I went to Love Is Murder - a Mystery Writers of America conference, The Association of Writing Professionals conference, and Lori Foster's Readers and Writers Gettogether. I'll probably go to RWA National next year. Good luck to anyone who's going, enjoy yourself and happy pitching.

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