Thursday, July 30, 2009

More dillydallying

As I said yesterday I'm exhausted, so of course I began today by cutting the grass. Next year - a service.

I managed the first draft of a short story today - i do a quarterly column in a local journal, and even though the deadlines are three months apart it's deadly. But it has forced me to look at shorter words (they want 400-700) and a year ago I would have sworn I couldn't do anything under forty thousand, so maybe, as my daughter would say, it's all good.

May even have helped me learn query writing, I sent a few out yesterday and have someone interested. Wish my oodles of luck.

I know, I was supposed to work on the Logan sex scene, and I promise to do that tonight.
Pity I have no one right now to practice with.


Angela said...

Ooodles and ooodles of luck!

Angela said...

Tell me more about your quarterly column. That's so exciting!