Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Last Logan

I just thought I'd give a little information on my characters in The Last Logan.
Heroine/Protagonist – Beverly Jefferson
Beverly is fueled by a need to be in control of her world. Her father deserts the family when she was six, and her bitter mother ignores her her child. Beverly is left to protect herself from the increasingly persistent attentions of her mother’s string of boyfriends until she wins a college scholarship and escapes. At college she meets Kyle Logan, a young artist from a wealthy family who makes her feel beautiful and valuable. And safe. She loosens her need to control and lets herself relax, trust and fall in love. Until the night she surrenders her virginity and finds herself the star in a video of the event shot by his brother, William. Kyle laughingly tells his brother Beverly hadn’t been worth the effort before he disappears from her life. Weeks later William violently rapes Beverly before agreeing his brother's assessment was right. Ten years Beverly is a highly successful investigative reporter with a nine-year-old daughter, Toni, and a vendetta that leaves her instrumental in uncovering evidence that has William Logan indicted for many of his crimes. All except the one crime that matters most, the rape she has never revealed. Her efforts to make William pay are thwarted when he apparently chooses suicide over imprisonment. As rigid and in control as she appears to the outside world, inside she is still the child who feels hopeless and knows she can't depend on anyone; the girl who knows she wasn't worth the effort.

Tomorrow - The hero, Kyle Logan.

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